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The Board of Directors and Operations teams see it fit to do a promotions board on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of January, I'm sorry for the short notice, b...


Posted Dec 23, 17
Access to the 3.0 PTU is now open and live. A Wonderful Christmas Present for all. Have a Safe & Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you Next Yea...

The journey to 3.0 has started

Posted Nov 23, 17
For those that do not already have read it... The first wave of Invitations to PTU got out this morning. Additionally, the non-disclosure agreement ha...

To all IGAIR members,

Due to the impacts of Hurricane Harvey, Phoenix Branson has temporarily stepped down from his position as CEO and Leader of IGAIR. Phoenix's priority at this time, is to his family and repairs to his home in Texas. He has asked that I assume his position as CEO until he can again dedicate time to this amazing organization.

I ask all of our full members, contractors, and affiliates to continue business as usual. Our goals, commitment to all our members, and values remain the same. We are a strong organization with many individuals who have many talents. I may ask others to step up and assume new roles to assist in maintaining our forward momentum, especially as we approach the release of 3.0.

I am hoping Phoenix can recover from the disaster quickly and return as our leader. I know others in our organization have been impacted by Harvey and Irma. To those individuals... Please don't hesitate to reach out, if needed.

Nick Charles

The Origin 600

Posted Aug 22, 17
So CIG is selling the Origin 600 at Gamescom on Friday. We don't really know what it looks like but we know it's being pitched as a long range luxury ...
Hi all I'm TPatS, your Chief Marketing Officer, over the past couple of weeks I have been working together with our CEO Phoenix to rework and updat...
The Security Operations Team has recently been reassigned all capital ship operations and planning. In the past there have been attempts to register ...
Here is our new recruitment thread on Spectrum. Spectrum Link

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Posted Jun 14, 17
IGAIR members, June is a special month for Intergalactic Airlines! This organization was founded on June 28, 2015, and our 2nd Anniversary is ap...

New TS info

Posted Jun 11, 17
We have migrated over to a new TeamSpeak server. The new TeamSpeak info is: Direct IP OR If you are unfamiliar f...

Security Restructure

Posted May 30, 17
Quick update from Security, couple days late for the monthly meeting but had to get votes in. We took a break from any major development for the Se...
Dear members of IGAIR, Starting at the next monthly meeting in April, this forum post will be used to update Members on who may be recognized in...

March 25 Security Update

Posted Mar 25, 17
I will likely not be at the scheduled meeting for today but figured I could leave a little bit of info from the past couple of months. There really... It's that time again to plan for our next monthly meeting to discuss all the important matters of IGAIR. We will rec...
IGAIR members, Please note there will be no monthly meeting scheduled for February. I'm attending to family matters at this time. Hope you had a...
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[CP] Gazoo SECURITYHoliday Stream looks like it is delayed due to a technical difficulty.. Dec.22nd is now when they're going to air it.
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Doing solo cargo runs from/to Celin/Olisar today.. Went from 124 UEC to 10,000 UEC in no time..
Surprised no one is arranging cargo runs yet.. Need more than one person, one at each end to broadcast stock prices though.
Good Idea, Yavik ... to be true I do not know that someone would be responsible ... I agree with you also ... the spectrum forum of IGAIR is rather out of date .. The last reply is around two or three month old
Wanted to post a thread into spectrum about our org searching for more members in logistics and tranport. But i do not feel that my english is good enough. Do we have someone who is in charge of recruiting new members.
at last!
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