Looking for people interested in science:

RESEARCH: Study a variety of scientific pursuits: Microscopy, Zero Gravity Experiments, Biological Studies, Alien Technology and the like. Endeavors can be used as general scientific vessels to conduct a wide range of research and development projects, stationed at points throughout UEE-controlled space and beyond to study anomalous phenomena.
Research Ship Components, such as Weapons, Thruster's, Power Plants, Shield Generators, and other upgrades to raise the bar on component performance.

HEALTH: Operations of primarily Endeavor Hope medical facilities parked orbiting IGAIR Hub locations to provide emergency medical treatment to spawning or arriving patients. (Medical) personnel will be tasked with highest tier surgical responsibilities requiring top end certifications.

CARTOGRAPHY: Provide critical exploratory intelligence to Intergalactic Airlines (IGAIR). Our expeditionary tasks include: Charting and Researching Jump Points, discovering New Worlds, finding new Trade Routes, locating Mineral Rich Asteroid Fields, uncovering Ancient Alien Relics, monitoring Space Weather, and collecting Scientific Data. This all in an effort to expand the number of planets to which IGAIR can offer services and provide new and alternative avenues for the success and profit of the Corporation.

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