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State of IGAIR (Monthly Meeting), MAR 25th, 2017, 2pm CDT

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Chief Pilot

It's that time again to plan for our next monthly meeting to discuss all the important matters of IGAIR. We will record the meeting for members that can't attend. The January monthly meeting will be held on the 21th. The time will be 2pm CST (Central Standard Time). Every member is welcome and encouraged to attend. Thanks guys!

Meeting Time: MAR. 25th, 2pm CDT
Meeting Place: IGAIR TS Server - Conference Room

Note: Meeting Agenda will be published below.
Jonathan Fort,
- Commanding Officer of the Prometheus
- IGAIR Academy Dean
- Chief (Business and Threat) Intelligence Officer. (CIO)
Posted Mar 24, 17 · OP · Last edited Sep 3, 17
Chief Pilot
Meeting Agenda
1. Call to Order
1.1 Introductions

2. General Announcements

3. Status Updates
3.1 Board Update
Directors will provide update on their areas of expertise
3.2 Operations Team Update
Operations Officers will provide updates on their respective fields.
3.3 Task Updates

4. Special Topics
4.1 Communications Protocols (Delta Charlie) [Tentative]

5. Open Forum
All members are welcome to voice questions, comments, or concerns to whomever may be present.

6. Adjournment
Posted Mar 24, 17 · OP · Last edited Mar 24, 17

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