The IGAIR Ark Server has added the Structures S+ Mod: If you want any other Mods just let DOC or STARLIGHT know. Four or Five Members have already started their own Homes. Join now to secure your own Island. A few islands are SAFE Islands, and one is like Scorched Earth with Fire Breathing Dragons. Come join the FUN. Also added these MODS:

(#2) Eco’s Tek Décor (Mod):

(#3) Eco’s RP Décor (Mod):

(#4) Pimp my home, Ragnarok Style:

(#5) Pimp My Home (Mod) & Pimp My Home Building Parts (Mod):

(#6) Collision Structures (MOD ID: 536214294)

(#7) Castles, Keeps, & Forts Medieval architecture (MOD ID: 764755314)

(#Eight) Raft Extender (MOD ID: 707081776)