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3.4.2 is Live

Posted Jan 14, 19
Star Citizen V 3.3.2 just went to V 3.4.3 is out Live-1049749 today January 24th, 2019; update your clients. Patch Notes:
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Airwomen and Airmen, it does not matter, where you live in the Verse ... may it be in Tokio, Moscow, Beijing...
Airwomen and Airmen, the holidays are near ... So it is time to lean back and think about the year, that is slowly passing by. 2948 was a good...

3.4.1 is out

Posted Dec 21, 18
Star Citizen 3.4.1 (1029815) Live is released: Fly...

Happy New Year 2019

Posted Dec 11, 18
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

3.3.7 is our

Posted Dec 6, 18
Star Citizen 3.3.7 is out

3.3.7 is out

[OO] Starlight oo-trnTRANSIT posted Dec 6, 18

3.3.7 is out

3.3 Has been released.

Posted Nov 9, 18
3.3 Released 11-09-2018: ...

IGAIR Revitalization Project

Posted Oct 20, 18
So at our get together today we spoke about wanting to go over our old documents, policies and trying to revitalize them. We have spoke in the past...

Star Citizen - The Kraken

Posted Oct 19, 18
Star Citizen Released The Kraken:

Management catchup Sat 10pm GMT 6pm EST

[OO] Nizari oo-secSECURITY[Online] posted Oct 19, 18

We're going to have a get together/chat session this Saturday at 10pm GMT or 6pm EST everyone's invited.

OCS (Object Container Streaming); for the Client, will be coming out October 10th, 2018 in Version 3.3 for the PTU. Followed by OCS in the Server: ht...
Star Citizen 3.2.2 is out LIVE:

Star Citizen 3.2.1 is LIVE

Posted Jul 24, 18
Star Citizen 3.2.1 is LIVE:

New Certified Check Ride

Posted Jul 8, 18
Star Citizen: 3.4.3 - New Quantum Travel Mechanics: It is time to get real and get your Pilot Check Ri...
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