The Management Team and Chief Pilots provide leadership for day-to-day operations, and manage corporate assets. You will take your on-duty instructions from these competent men and women whose sole purpose is to ensure all coordinated efforts are maximizing the overall effectiveness, viability, and sustainability of all IGAIR services, including measures to ensure your membership is mutually beneficial and satisfying. Their role is to provide around the clock coverage with minimal variation. The management team and chief pilots are shown below by specific Operation Teams;

Transit Operations:
✈ Darcia
✈ Lazarus
✈ Robert Syntec
✈ Stardust2x4
✈ Wulfric Shadox

Logistic Operations:
Dane Time
✈ Ewokinvader
✈ Jack Menta
✈ Kyn O'Din
✈ Joseph Howe

Security Operations:
✈ Crold
✈ Gazoo
✈ Nizari
✈ Dave Reynolds

Support Services:
✈ Crito Demus
✈ Phan Leingod
✈ Sondrex Tesla
✈ Viper123
✈ Bronomaly
✈ Kojak

denotes Operations Officer
denotes Manager
denotes Chief Pilot