I picked up a two-pack. Still unclear how many passengers each will be able to accommodate. Hoping to transport fancy folk and their stuff for premium prices. Q&A on Thursday, I upvoted the questions that came closest to addressing these concerns but most folks seem more concerned about aspects relative to the Carrack or Aquila. Sure is pretty though!

How do you feel now after the Q&A? Do you really think they meant it when they said that this wasn't for commercial use? I would hope you can still transport VIPs... but they sure made it sound like that was not the point of this ship. That was VERY disappointing to me. I was actually really wanting one until I read that.

I too was disappointed by the Q&A. However, most of my disappointment has to do with the quality of the information provided. I don't believe that information is necessarily representative of what the ship will be and able to do in the game when completed.