I'd like to introduce myself here as the new RT head. This is a product of many peoples ideas, it came about many months ago during a time when people where absolutely freaking out about capital ships, and everyone wanted to be a captain. I myself own a capital ship, but I don't really care if I'm the captain or not, my intention is for it to be used to suit the organizations goals and objectives, and my UEC account ;-) . I believe/believed that and, this is true, alot of problems can arise from the lack of a system to oversee capital ships and there owners...If we didn't have such a system, we'd all be running around in Idris's with a crew of one :-d .

It'd be nice, if you as an owner followed my example.

This is supposed to work as a two way street, for the benefit of all IGAIR employees.

The functions of the capital ship roundtable are as follows

-To allow the Organization a modicum of control over assets which could be used to tarnish our reputation.
-To allow Capital Ship owners a say in how capital ships are used, and crewed.
-To ensure fairness to all IGAIR employees in terms of crew roles.
-To provide an effective capital fleet for security operations.