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Dialogue on a captain pool vs assigned captains

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I am having an interesting conversation with gazoo about captains and capital ships....I'm going to post where we're at currently and I want to go input from more people on this topic, and start a conversation here about it.

"You are allowed to be the captain, or any other crew station, on your
own capital ship, or a capital ship, so long as we have enough
uncaptained ships to go around to those who don't own one".

I'm sure this will cause a problem with someone that owns a cap ship and isn't a captain. I'd be sending you all sorts of F-bombs if I owned one and was being told that I couldn't be Captain of my own ship.

Just sayin'..

We don't want to fall into that micro-management problem we had back in the old days.

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Except there are atleast two or three ships with unassigned captains. It also goes with the thing where we didnt want to assign captains/crew to individual ships, but rather have a pool that can be assigned at will so we can make sure we have at least one fully staffed ship. I'll review it I guess. Your not the only one that feels that way. Alot of people want to captain there own ship, but they're going to be dissapointed either way, like what if there ship isnt chosen to be used at a certain time when they want to be the captain of it?

This is a matter that I need help with in deciding what to do. Because in some aspects he is right, but this is a complicated subject. Maybe at some point if we can figure out some options I can make a poll.
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Just to clear this up a little.. I PM'ed Nizari the top half of the post above because I wanted to make sure this gets explained and debated clearly if anyone has a problem with it. The original post came off as though someone may not be able to captain their own ship at times and I didn't want our members to go riot out on the runway.

Personally, I think that it should be the other way around..

The captain's pool has ten Captains that need ten ships and IGAIR only has eight ships in it's corporate hangar. Bob and Doug aren't "Captains", but both have a ship each that they spent their hard earned cash on and want to be Captains of their ships for the mission.

If IGAIR doesn't have the ships available, then we bite the bullet and the mission uses eight of the ten Captains along with Bob and Doug using their ships. If this happens enough, IGAIR will simply have to invest more funds into cap ships to be able to make use of it's staff more efficiently.

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Posted Feb 27, 18
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