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Future Commercial Air Travel

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Future Commercial Air Travel -- Boeing 949 Super Raven (American Airlines) Concept. Quad SuperMagneto Plasma Thrusters 24,902 Mile Hypersonic Spacecraft. It has a 1,310 passenger capacity.
Similar to the Origin 600i

Secret Super Fast Lockhead Martin SR-72 Hypersonic Aircraft (replacing SR-71) spotted in California at Skunk Works in Palmdale, California near Plant #42 in 2018 escorted by two F/A-37 Talon Fighters for Security. Lockhead Martin is using the (TRCC) Turbine Rocket/Ramjet Combined Cycle Engine to build the Mach 6-10 Hypersonic Plane to fly at and above 62 miles high (400,000.00 Feet) and able to launch the New Advanced Hypersonic Missiles that send out warheads traveling up to 20 times the speed of sound with the ability to perform elusive acrobatics, hitting there targets with pin point accuracy and making todays weapons obsolete. The U.S. has increased Military Spending to $700 Billion this year 2018 for New Equipment. Next year 2019 it will be $716 Billion.

F/A-37 Talon, intro mission from Stealth Movie:
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By the way, I like that topic. May be this is something to be done sooner or later. How would future space travel industry look like in in SC? How would Starliner Pilots be trained? How would Starliner industry legislation look like? I guess the best thing is to shape it around the current real life airliner industry. I know there have been some information available about Intergalactic travel and ATC. May be it would be not that bad to carry those information together.
Posted Mar 23, 18

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