Star Citizen Version 3.1.1 [741247] is now LIVE Just a little showcase [2k] 1440p: Plus, Origin 100i "Pre Sale Information for Friday 04/13/2018" [DID I SAY FRIDAY THE 13TH?] :idea:
Star Citizen New - 3.1.1 LIVE & 3.2 Roadmap Update:
Star Citizen Alpha 3.1.1 Live Gameplay at 4K [2160p] UHD 30FPS:

Star Citizen Partners with My Radar (MyRadar is always being updated and if you build on one of the moons you should be able to see your land plot and Home) How cool is that:
CitizenCon: CIG & MyRadar - Collaboration:
You will soon be able to explore the weather on moons of Yela, Cellin and Daymar (IT IS FREE) with this new application: MyRadar IOS for iPhone and ipad in the apple store. - Companion Mobile App. also for Android in the Google Play Store; and PC's in the Microsoft Store. It will have Real Time Weather on Star Citizen Planets; just like real life (The NOOBIFIER1337) :
Star Citizen:
NOTE: After downloading My Radar (IT IS FREE), Tap the "Map Types" icon (second in from the left) to embark on your armchair moon expedition! of Yela, Cellin and Daymar Then, click on Yela. Put your finger on MORE INFO top right; then move your finger down to get all the information on Yela: ATMOSPHERE (Sulfur Dioxide, Sulfur Monoxide, Oxygen), PLANET DETAILS (Equatorial Radius, Sidereal Rotation, Axial Tilt, Density, Tidally Locked: Moon Match), ORBIT DETAILS (Orbital Period, Speed, Radius, Eccentricity), RELATION TO THE SUN (Aphelion, Perihelion, Inclination). To go back to another moon, place your finger on the long arrow up symbol (at the bottom); then move your finger up. Have Fun.