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Security revamp

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Ops Officer
To create a sense of responsibility within security Sec will now operate under a form of categorical leadership IE: a sec manager will be responsible for a different sector of security and ensuring that it's meeting it's functional requirements so...

All management will assist in each area, but these people have point in these areas:

Executive Leadership: In addition to any other chosen roles, handles coordination and quality assurance within security.
OO: Nizari - Handles Capital Ship SOPS and leads security.
Vice OO: Delta Charlie - Assigned to development of flight escort and communication SOPS for the time being. also coordinates scout operations ahead of escorted vessels.

Leadership: Handles a specefic role and reports to the executive team, also assists with all other security management.
Manager Kage: Flight Marshal SOP and Chief of Flight Marshals.
Director Jonathan Fort: Intelligence and threat assessment SOP, with operational sponsorship by security management, assigned a group of scouts from flight escort. Also assists with capital ship management.

One other change: I want to merge flight escorts and the scouts that go ahead of flights into one unit, all headed by the same manager. I don't really think it makes a lot of sense for a scout ahead of a escorted vessel to be in a different subgroup of security from a flight escort, might as well just merge the two together.

So the structure of sec would liook like this now
Flight Escorts and Scouts
Capital Ships
Flight Marshals
Intelligence Group
Posted Jun 15, 18 · OP · Last edited Jun 17, 18
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Sounds cool - I think that'll be a great arrangement...
Jonathan Fort,

Old Titles in IGAIR:
- Commanding Officer of the Prometheus
- IGAIR Academy Dean
- Chief (Business and Threat) Intelligence Officer. (CIO)
Posted Jun 15, 18
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