Thread will remain locked in order to only add updates from the SOT. All applications are to be sent by PM.
Please note that sending a message with desired candidate position does not guarantee a promotion, but is more of an application expressing interest in the position. Training and interviews will be part of the process.

The Security Operations Team is now accepting applicants into the Officer Candidate Program (OCP). The OCP is a system designed to give lower ranks of IGAIR a chance at taking a position inside security which is traditionally reserved for officers. Candidates will work closely with SOT management and get to participate in meetings and listen in on policy creation.

Depending on the desired role of the candidate, they will be assigned under a member of the SOT who works in that field or on a capital ship. The officers of the SOT will advise the Operations Officer of when/if they feel the candidate is suited for a promotion into the desired role.

All members of IGAIR are allowed to apply for this program, understanding that the open positions are rather demanding and would require your commitment to working for the Security Operations Team.

Open Roles:
Marshal Service: Captain positions are open for candidates interested in working as command staff for the IGAIR Marshal Service. These officers will work directly for the assigned Manager to the Marshal Service and be expected to balance both administration tasks and in game leadership.
Capital Ship Bridge Crew: Our fleet of capital ships require the most dedicated and professional officers. Commanding Officers and Executive Officers, as well as other supporting staff can all come from this program. Candidates will work under an existing CO/XO and assist in planning for their specific ship.

Send a PM with the position you wish to be a candidate for as well as a summary of past experience that may be beneficial in your desired role.