William Constantin
In 2921 William was born on Terra as the only son of Richard & Mary Constantin, an upper class family and also the owners of a smaller business consulting firm called Constantin Solutions. The company has been passed down two generations and while small has narrowed into high ticket select clientele.

Come 2939 Mary Constantin passes away leaving a gap in the company for William to step up into and fill. Being only eighteen William is eager to take on the role after growing up learning these tasks as almost a second nature. Stepping into adulthood with high responsibilities William is able to carve a future for himself advancing through the company rather quickly to follow in the steps of his parents. He was given his first ship, The Hermès a 350R by his father shortly after.

Mid year 2942 William has successfully advanced into the CSO of the company while also maintaining other responsibilities. While he travels mostly training the team below him, he will occasionally take on a client or two of his own. This gives William an immense amount of free time accompanied by a constant stream of income.

2946 John Constantin passes away leaving William the sole owner of the company. Shortly after his passing William discovered he actually has a brother under the name of Ricky Lazarus which was born from an affair with John and his mistress Annabelle whom lived in ArcCorp.

The Concubine

The Concubine is a ship which William gifted to himself upon inheriting the entirety of the company. It gets its name mainly due to the nature of the extravagance which happens on board. From luxurious touring to ridiculous over the top parties William has carved a name for himself by some with the memories created on this ship.


The Hermes is a ship that has followed a tradition within the family for several generations. With the family being heavy into business, it is typical that upon entering the company you are gifted a ship of stature that will supposedly set the standard moving forward. While Hermes is Williams first ship, it is still in use today typically as a daily driver if needed for smaller tasks.

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