December 1 will be the final event of Season 1 of the Coffee Cup! The as of yet unnamed event will be a king of the hill style tournament. Two teams of 24 will square off in the universe, being sent to specific predetermined waypoints for 30 minutes each. HAMMEREHEADS rule the battle this time, being the main focus of each team. When both teams first arrive at a waypoint, it remains contested until the opposing teams HH is destroyed. From the point of destruction to the point of arrival of the new HH, the dominate team is awarded however much time they owned the point. Total playing time will be 90 minutes, not including setup.
The focus of this event is teamwork. You will be placed on 1 of 2 Battlegroups. Your teams will have 1 week to put heads together and develop a strategy. Will you focus on fast hard hitting bombers, or spread your team into fighters and gunships? That is your call.

  • The Hammerhead crew MUST remain the same members for the duration. However, the rest of the Battlegroup is free to change ships/strategy as needed.
  • Thats really it, unless a ship is found to have an exploit there wont be other restrictions.

This event will be in whatever LIVE build of the game is current. This is important to keep in mind for your Hammerhead crews as once that ship is destroyed, you have a hefty reclaim time. Ideally, you want multiple people in your crew to own a HH to spawn after you get destroyed....IF you get destroyed.