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Confused goodbye (for now?)

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I have been a member of this organization for a while and while I don't have many issues with the leadership, I do have an issue with communication. I have felt that we were more interactive in the past and while looking on this forum lately I have been wondering where did most of the activity went? So for now I at least want to pay my respects and thanks for the opportunity to be part of this organization. I will be leaving my position and will continue to be a SC member of the community and hope to see you all there.
thanks again,

I'll see you guys in the verse

Posted Dec 2, 18 · OP
Hello, Kojak. Thank you for the kind words and plenty of luck during your adventures in the verse. I am rather sure that we will meet somewhere in the vast and wide spaces of the UEE. Feel free to drop in for a coffee whenever you like...

Concerning to your critic, which I understand more or less in a large extent - see, I am also looking back to the days of summer 2016 with all the people around, that gave this forum a heart and a soul.

But activity can not be handled by few people alone, nor on the base of management directives. In this sense, everybody is on his own efforts too. But I understand what you want to say - there could be more structure, more communication, more life.

May be it would be a good idea here to appeal to the upper airline management (above branch management) which approach and adhering actions they want to take for 1. Recruitment of members for all branches, 2. Internal and external communications and 3. Measures to build an inner structure.

I believe that those are the things, that definitely got lost over the last few years and that they can't be handled alone by the branches as well as their managements. So a bigger involvement of the upper airline management would be very welcome, at least in my opinion
Posted Dec 4, 18 · Last edited Dec 4, 18

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