Airwomen and Airmen, the holidays are near ...

So it is time to lean back and think about the year, that is slowly passing by.

2948 was a good year for most of us - with star citizen slowly taking shape. We jumped from a more or less tiny space around Port Olisar to an extending system consisting of 1 Gas Giant, 1 Planet, 2 Space Stations and 7 Moons.

Additionally we now have our first Mega-City with Lorville. We can make a walk over the Savannas of HDMS Oparei or see the sun set over the coast of HDMS Stanhope. So we can be quite happy about the things that we got so far.

So it is now a good time to hold our breath and look ahead to the things that we will face in the following 12 months. What will be our dreams, desires, wishes and hopes?

In this moment I just want to lean back and wish you all the things that money can´t buy.

I wish you and your families a good and healthy christmas and a lot of happppiiinesssss.

Kind regards
Nickolas Mercier