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Arma 3 Server

Posted Wed at 10:43
Viper, Jonathan Fort, and I (ewokinvaders) have gotten a arma 3 realism server goin and we are asking for anyone that would like to participate in pla...


Posted May 11, 18
Below is a poll for our up and coming Arma 3 unit please fill free to comment after you vote with some mods you may like to see. These can be anything...

IGAIR Getting Members Ideas

Posted Apr 28, 18
This post is to allow people to come up with ideas on how we can get member. We would like to see what we can do better, so that we can get more activ...

3.1.3 Is LIVE

[MGR] Viper SUPPORT posted Apr 28, 18

LOA Until April 27th

Posted Apr 16, 18
LOA April 19th (Thursday) through April 27th (Friday). Going to Las Vegas (Lake Mead) to pick up my 26' Daytona Eliminator Boat; getting it ready fo...

3.1.2 is Now Live

Posted Apr 14, 18
Star Citizen 3.1.2 is now LIVE

Star Citizen 3.1.1 is LIVE

Posted Apr 9, 18
Star Citizen Version 3.1.1 is now LIVE Just a little showcase 1440p: Plus, Origin 100i "Pre Sale Info...

Flight Instructor Recruitment

[MGR] Nizari SECURITY posted Mar 16, 18

Stardust would like to see more people become flight instructors, security has very few, and transit only has one currently. 

Practice this cargo flight in your own spacecraft, practice auto land, and jumping, then have a Operations Officer,  Flight Instructor, or Captain come and watch you repeat the process. After succesffull fulfilling the requirements, you will be granted flight instructor, and given a certificate, and nameplate you can place under your username on the forum. 

The contact for this process is Starlight:

[MGR] Viper SUPPORT ohhhhh hahaha Gazoo lol I have one now bought a cheap one so I can still use my andro and I have like 200 in store credi...
Gazoo Another flight instructor with no game package... just what we need.
[MGR] Viper SUPPORT go one then ill be one

IGAIR @ CitizenCon 2948

Posted Mar 15, 18
CitizenCon With the announcement of CitizenCon being held in Austin,Texas. I'm really tempted to head out there. With no date set in stone, judging...
Dear members of IGAIR, We're experiencing connection issues from clients to the domain failing to resolve "", which is still assigned to...
To All IGAIR Members, After three months of being the Operations Officer of security, I have come to the realization that I can not properly lead w...

Team Speak

Posted Feb 1, 18
If anyone is having trouble with Team Speak use: "" or try "" Password is "IGAIR"

Chairman's Club Perks

Posted Jan 31, 18
The NOOBIRIER1337 (Jan 25, 2018): Also, 3.0 New Concierge Items By Camural (Jan 27, 2018): https://www....
The Board of Directors and Operations teams see it fit to do a promotions board on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of January, I'm sorry for the short notice, b...


Posted Dec 23, 17
Access to the 3.0 PTU is now open and live. A Wonderful Christmas Present for all. Have a Safe & Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. See you Next Yea...
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